chef menu

120/140/160 per person

Seafood Bar


east coast oysters. 


cocktail sauce. 

razor clam. 10

mayonnaise. green onions. mujjol caviar.   

lobster. 50

1/2 Atlantic lobster. old bay butter.

Caviar. 30g-160/50g-200

New Brunswick sturgeon caviar. chives. creme fraiche. shallots. capers. gherkins. lavash crackers.

Smoked salmon. 14

cured and smoked Atlantic salmon. pickled onions. capers. lemon zest. dill.

QC Turbot. 14

jalapeño salsa verde. cilantro. lime.

NB Smoked Sturgeon pate. 14

cream cheese. capers. shallots. lemon.

mussels. 10

white wine. pickled fennel. parsley.

q.c. snow crab. 30

75g picked QC snow crab. creme fraiche. shallots. lemon zest. dill.


chicken cordon bleu croquettes. 18

chopped chicken. Aliments Viens fried mortadella. cheese curds. mornay sauce. gherkins.

cucumber. 17

grilled cucumbers. shallots. fennel. white balsamic. feta.

BC albacore tuna. 20

smoked olives and chilis. garlic chips. fennel fronds.

QC heirloom tomatoes. 18

shallots. fried halloumi. focaccia crumbs. basil sprouts.

endives. 17

honeycrisp apples. pecan praline. benedictin blue cheese.

beef tartare. 24

shallots. gherkins. chives. truffle mayonnaise. mushrooms. watercress. salt and pepper gaufrettes.

octopus. 28

fried baby potatoes. n'duja butter. sour cream. chives. sweet peppers.

wild mushrooms. 29

beef and mushroom jus. 63 degree egg. hickory sticks.

main courses

agnolotti. 58

squash agnolotti. butter poached lobster. chives. lobster bisque.

QC Duck. 46

pommes anna. wild blueberries. roasted beets. juniper and blueberry sauce.

QC char. 44

warm potato salad. caviar beurre blanc.

hanger steak. 48

grilled gem lettuce. toasted bread. Caesar. padano crisp. peppercorn sauce.

BC sablefish. 48

corn. pickled chilis. chanterelles. smoked tomato velouté.

Me scallops. 60

cauliflower. capers. anchovies. butter. garlic crumbs. potato chips.


coffee cake. 13

caramel. streusel. malt ice cream.

chocolate cake. 13

dark chocolate. sour cream mousse. 

pumpkin cheesecake. 13

whipped cream. pumpkin spice crumbs. pumpkin caramel.

Pistachio Cake. 13

cream cheese frosting. wild QC blueberries. orange zest.

Apple Galette. 13

smoked cheddar crust. QC apples. cheddar ice cream.

profiteroles. 12

brown butter ice cream. caramel. Newfoundland sea salt.




calvados, lillet, ginger beer. 15


orange crush

vodka, aperol, ambrato vermouth, cava. 15

Grow a pear

sake, anisette, poire william. 15


buffalo trace, gentiana, vermouth, cassis. 15 

L'affaire Jaune

cazadores reposado, stregga, pineapple, almond syrup. 15


martini espresso

remy vsop cognac, Sortilège, amaro meletti, espresso. 15


bloody GM

vodka, walters caesar mix, house spices. 15 



wines by the glass



Can Suriol Brut nature cava, espagne, 2016. 14



white wine


Ausonia 'apollo', abruzzo, italy. 2019. 14 



domaine courtrault Tardieux 'les parcs', loire, france, 2020. 13

sauvignon blanc

Domaine barmès buecher 'trilogie', alsace, france, 2019. 12 

riesling/pinot blanc/pinot gris

Grayson Cellars, California. 2020. 14 


Rosé wine


Domaine de la patience, rhone, France. 2018. 13 




red wine


Dupré Goujon 'La Démarrante' côte de brouilly, France, 2018. 15



Succés vinícola, 'Feedback' conca de barbera, spain, 2016. 16

cabernet sauvignon/tempranillo/trepat

Tawse winery, niagara, canada 2018. 16

cabernet sauvignon/merlot



Champ Libre 'simplicité Volontaire', Pilsner, Mercier, QC. 9



Matera Brasseurs 'TAMTAM', Session IPA, Joliette, Quebec. 7


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