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120/150/180 per person

Seafood Bar


east coast oysters. 


cocktail sauce. 

razor clam. 10

mayonnaise. green onions. mujjol caviar.

Snow Crab. 28

picked QC snow crab meat. crème fraiche. lemon. dill. lavash crackers.

Whelks. 12

shallots. garlic. chilli flakes. lemon.

Smoked salmon. 14

pickled onions. capers. dill. sour cream. everything spice.

Chilled Clams. 14

garlic. white wine. parsley sauce. 

Smoked Sturgeon pate. 14

cream cheese. capers. dill. shallots. lemon. lavash crackers.

Chilled mussels. 14

smoked chillis and sherry vinegar.

Caviar. 30g-160/50g-220

New Brunswick sturgeon caviar. chives. crème fraiche. shallots. capers. gherkins. potato chips.


Turbot Crudo. 24

xo sauce. fried garlic. black vinegar. scallions.

Lamb croquettes. 21

roasted lamb leg. green goddess. pickled onions. herbs.

Albacore tuna. 24

smoked olives. pickled chillis. popped quinoa.

Chicory. 21

celery. pecan praline. blue cheese. honeycrisp vinaigrette.


Beef Carpaccio. 26

marinated mushrooms. charred onion. all dressed hickory sticks. pecorino.

octopus. 36

fried yukons. lemon mayonnaise. n'duja. watercress.

Burrata. 26

grilled sourdough. pistachio pesto. fried basil. 

Carrots. 21

whipped feta. honey espelette.

Beets. 18

rye crumbs. creme fraiche. dill. horseradish.

Main Courses

scallops. 72

jerusalem artichokes. brown butter. capers. anchovy.

Fish of the Day. MP 

salt cod sauce. confit leeks. sea asparagus. dill oil. 

Duck. 46 

red szechuan peppercorns. honey glaze. kabocha squash. bigarade sauce.

CapUnti. 42 

smoked monkfish. tomato fumet. sundried black olives. fried capers. bottarga.

Trout. 46

nugget potatoes. yum yum's. vidalia onion. dijon. trout caviar.


Potato Agnolotti. 98

yukon potato. cultured butter. black pepper. white truffle.

Beef Cheek. 48

mashed potatoes. gremolata. braising jus.

12oz Striploin. 58

16oz Ribeye. 86

shallot jam. peppercorn crust. remoulaise sauce.


Scalloped Potatoes. 18

aged cheddar bechamel.

Parsnips. 16

winter sauce. crispy kale.

Brussels Sprouts. 18

Chuck Hughes pepper spread. maple syrup. bacon. crispy onions. 

Wild Mushrooms. 28

fried polenta. demi-glace. parmigianno reggiano.


Sourdough Focaccia. 6 

3G Black Truffle. 20

3G White Truffle. 60

Beers for the COOKS. 18


coffee cake. 14

coffee sauce. streusel. malt ice cream.

profiteroles. 15

whipped peanut butter. milk chocolate. pretzels.

Chocolate Cake. 14

chocolate sauce. sour cream mousse. Newfoundland sea salt.

Cheesecake. 14

spiced apples. caramel. gingersnaps

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